ICTF 2026 will be organized by the French Vacuum Society in Biarritz (France) from 8 to 11 June 2026. Biarritz is a famous city located on the Atlantic coast close to the Spanish border (southwestern of France).

This city of 25,000 inhabitants is a high place of tourism in France. Each year, about 65,000 people come to Biarritz to participate in national or international conferences. The accommodation capacity in Biarritz is approximately 3,500 rooms. As tourist attendance is relatively low in June, ICTF 2026 participants should be able to easily find accommodation in Biarritz. ICTF 2026 will be organized in the “Bellevue” conference center that is located in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

Main topics

Extensive research in the areas of surface science and engineering over the past 30 years has enabled knowledge-driven design and development of thin films and functional coatings with attributes tailored to desired applications for e.g., surface protection, optics and photonics, catalysis, energy storage, conversion and saving, and interaction with biological systems. The increasing demand for new materials with combined innovative functionalities necessitates control of thin film microstructure and architecture at the nanoscale. This conference will be dedicated to main development on thin films elaboration, characterization and applications. The following topics will be covered during the next ICTF conference:

  • Thin films and sustainable development    
  • Thin films for renewable energies    
  • Thin films for health and life science    
  • Thin films for optics and electronics     
  • Thin films growth and modelling    
  • Protective and tribological coatings
  • Thin films for catalytic and sensing applications   
  • Artificial intelligence applied to thin films 
  • Nanomaterials, nanostructured thin films 
  • Hybrid materials 
  • Surface science 
  • Applied surface science
  • Advanced characterization methods
  • Surface engineering

The ICTF is a well-established conference series (first edition took place in Boston, Massachusetts, US in 1969) for all researchers interested in thin films and coatings. It is organized every three years and supported by the Thin Film Division of IUVSTA.





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