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Plenary speakers


• Thin film growth dynamics: stress and beyond

Pprime Institute, Poitiers (FR)


• Current approach to osteosarcoma therapy with cold plasmas and biomaterials

Cristina CANAL
UPC Barcelona (ES)


• Controlled plasma dynamics and chemical kinetics in low temperature plasmas for environmental & healthcare technologies

Univ. York (UK)


• Non-equilibrium plasma chemistry - from atmospheric pressure plasmas to high pressure plasmas in liquids

Achim von KEUDELL
Univ. Bochum (DE)


• Attempts by modeling to maintain Moore’s law in microelectronics processing

Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor (US)


​• Optoelectronic properties of aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films deposited by disk and rotatable magnetron sputtering cathodes at medium and radio frequency

TU Denmark, Roskilde (DK)


Keynote speakers


  • Thermosensitive color-changing coatings for textile sensors
    Martin AMBERG
    Empa, St.Gallen (CH)
  • One step gold nanoparticles synthesis and deposition from an atmospheric pressure microwave PECVD – Applications to the fast and low cost production SERS substrates
    Simon BULOU
    LIST, Esch sur Alzette (LU)
  • Influence of nitrogen incorporation on physical and electrical properties of a-C:H films deposited by a plasma beam source
    Martin FENKER
    FEM, Schwäbisch Gmünd (DE)
  • Deposition of Gadolinia-doped Ceria thin films by reactive DC magnetron and High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
    Martin MICKAN
    GREMI, Univ. Orléans (FR)
  • Synthesis of boron nitride and boron-carbon-nitride nanomaterials by arc discharge
    Yevgeny RAITSES
    Princeton Plasma Physics Lab., Princeton (US)
  • A comparative study of metal oxide and metal oxide/silica thin films deposited by LP microwave plasma process from metalorganic precursors (Zirconium Tetra tert-Butoxide and Titanium Tetra Isopropoxide)
    Patrice RAYNAUD
    LAPLACE, Univ. Toulouse (FR)
  • Numerical modelling of DC magnetron discharges applied to Nb/Cu coatings in superconducting radio-frequency cavities
    Thibaut RICHARD
    CERN, Geneva (CH)
  • Hard and fracture resistant metal-boron-carbon based coatings deposited by industrial sputtering system
    Petr VASINA
    Univ. Masaryk, Brno (CZ)





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