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Oral presentations

Durations (including discussions)

  • ​​The time for Plenary Lectures is 40 minutes
  • The time for Keynote Lectures is 30 minutes
  • The time for Oral Presentations is 20 minute

Lectures must be presented in English.

Each speakers must ensure that presentation (including 5 min for questions) is not longer than stipulated in the program. The chairpersons will be strict on timing.

Technical information

There is no preview system for the conference.

All speakers have to load their presentation file on the laptop available on the session room, preferably on the half day before the start of each session.

PowerPoint projection will be available in the session rooms which are equipped with a laptop computer and a projector. Overhead projection and slide projection are not available. All the hardware will be provided by the Congress to ensure consistency in technical quality and allow for quick and smooth transition between the speakers.

Please note that only the computers provided on site can be used. The video files attached to the presentation must be located in the same folder as the presentation files.

Presentation's Privacy: at the end of the Congress, ALL presentations and associated fills will be deleted.


Poster presentation

General information

Each poster must be in the size of 0.85 m in width and 1.2 m in height (A0).
The author’s name and affiliation and the title of the paper must be indicated in the top section of the poster.

The posters will be presented and numbered according to the poster programme. The poster number will be displayed on top of the board. Writing or painting on the poster board is not allowed. 


All posters will be displayed during all the conference days (Tuesday until Friday). However, focus will be made with 2 poster sessions on :

  • P1 / Session I with exhibition cocktail / Tuesday 24 from 17:10 until 23:00
  • P2 / Session II with refreshments / Thursday 26 from 16:00 until 18:00

Presenters are expected to be next to their poster during the session (P1 or P2) assigned to their poster (information sent by email & available on the detailed program & registration space)


Posters should be mounted from Tuesday 24 September 2019 at 10:00 and should be removed by 19:00 on Thursday 26 September 2019.


Author’s Registration

Please note that registration of the presenting author is mandatory for each accepted contribution before 15 May (deadline for early bird).






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